"I will be working with Sinclair Media Group long into the future"

"working with Sinclair Media Group is an absolute dream"

"Sinclair Media Group will focus all their energy into creating an audience for you"

Sinclair Media Group – A Personable Results-Driven Marketing Agency For The Music Industry


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Musicians Change For The Better When They Work With Sinclair Media Group

Rappers, singers, producers, A&Rs, and record labels have switched to Sinclair Media Group to fundamentally improve their results.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

We use Facebook and Instagram Ads to grow your streams, followers, song-saves, and playlist saves on DSP's.

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YouTube Ads

We use geo-specific YouTube advertising, focusing on trigger areas that are most likely to make your music video go viral; increase subscribers and views.

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Having grown our own playlist network consisting of over 400 Spotify and Apple Music playlists to organically grow your streams, saves, and playlist-add's records.

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We with artists, producers, managers and record labels to implement systems that help remove the bottlenecks within their business to improve performance.

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Being partnered with Madden Flow Entertainment, they send us exclusive briefs for Film and TV, ranging from $500 < $130,000 in payouts to the creator.

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Artists and Repertoire

Being connected with with labels in North America and Europe, we are able to scout our talent towards respective label and independent A&R's.

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What Others Say About Sinclair Media Group

"They over-exceeded my target, so I am a happy client and I will be working with them

- Boy Nash, (Charlie Sloth, Fire in the Booth, DJ Semtex, Wretch 32, GRM Daily)

"They were great value for money compared with other PR's, and offered me many opportunities as an artist out of their own good will".

- LVTee, (GRM Daily, Link Up TV)

"If you get accepted, then I advise you to give it your all.".

- A Certain Energy, (XXL Magazine, The Source, ABC21, Kota the Friend, Hip-Hop Weekly, Mickey Factz)

"Unlike others they educate and guide you. If your looking to build career from music, these are the guys to shout".

- Kings Cvstle, (BBC Radio London, Skinnyman, Jazz Cafe)

"The first thing I noticed was that I feel safe working with Sinclair Media Group, we have scheduled calls and we throw messages back and forth".

- Michel Young, (X5 Music Group [Warner Music Group], Penthox)

Sinclair Media Group Client Success Stories

Examples of the BET-Award winning, Billboard charting, XXL magazine featured artists our team have run marketing campaigns for.


5 Day Campaign
  • 6,300,000 impressions
  • 3,700,000 engagements
  • 1,200,000 media views


Video Campaign
  • 2,100,000 impressions
  • 2,000,000 media views
  • 330,000 engagements


5-Day Campaign on Youtube
  • 8,100,000 views using a trigger-city campaign that targeted cities where the song is most likely to go viral


  • 1,600,000 plays through a SoundCloud repost campaign


5 Day Campaign
  • 46,000 new followers on Instagram
  • 13,000 new followers on Twitter


5 Day Campaign
  • 301,000,000 impressions on Twitter
  • 637,000 engagements on Twitter

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