"I will be working with SMG long into the future"

"They have far exceeded my expectations on all fronts"

"They care deeply about every single person they work with"


Guarantee A Regular Flow Of Qualified Leads.

Get up and running in as little as 14 days. Through the power of cold email, Sinclair Media Group helps B2B organisations and sales professionals start conversations with qualified leads.

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Why Sinclair Media Group.

"They have far exceeded my expectations on all fronts"

  • A Global Conversion Rate Of 3.48%.
    In all industries and in across all countries, the rate at which a cold prospect turns into a booked meeting using Sinclair Media Group is 3.48%.

  • We'll Manage All Aspects Of Your Lead Generation.
    Not only will we source the audience and write copy, we'll manage the backend process once somebody marks themselves as interested in your service.

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We can...

1. Help you consistently generate more enquiries from potential clients. 

2. Fill your pipeline with opportunities.

3. Allow your team to spend the majority of their time selling rather than marketing.

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How Does It Work?

Presto is a done-for-you marketing solution that helps music producers consistently generate more enquiries from potential clients.

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How It Works.

Our Lead Generation process is divided into three stages. We take your prospects through the entire marketing funnel, from awareness to desire, to interest.


Stage 1

Lead Prospecting

1. You tell us about your target audience and USPs.

2. We source and verify an audience of relevant prospects.

3. When you receive enquiries, do what you do best.

Stage 2

Outreach Campaigns & Lead Nuturing

1. We write your engaging, relevant and on-brand message.

2. Your email campaign goes live, delivered 1-to-1 to prospects.

3. You receive sales enquiries direct, and do what you do best

Step 3

Lead Generation

1. Create conversations with each lead for you.

2. You determine if they're a fit for your services.

3. You schedule meetings with leads we find for you.


Pricing and ROI.

Only pay for the number of prospects we engage through our straightforward pricing system. We handle the whole outreach effort, while you receive a consistent flow of fresh leads.


Every Organisation Is Different.

Get up and running in as little as 14 days. Let's discuss the advantages of Sinclair Media Group direct response marketing for your company. A Sinclair Media Group growth specialist will walk you through the steps necessary to launch your first campaign with a single demo call.

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Pricing and ROI.

Our simple pricing structure means you pay for the number of prospects that we approach on your behalf. We take care of the whole outreach campaign, and you get a reliable flow of new sales conversations.


"They care deeply about every single person they work with"

Each Business Is Different.

So let’s have a conversation about the potential of Presto email marketing for you. On one demo call, a Presto business growth expert can take you through what’s needed to start your first campaign.

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The Team Behind Sinclair Media Group.

Sinclair Media Group was founded by ex-music industry entrepreneur David Sinclair-Black in 2019.

Our Purpose
To help make the 'business of business' easier and more enjoyable for owners and teams. The outcome of our efforts will be happier lives for business owners and their teams. Successful companies that create jobs - and as a result - economic growth for the planet as a whole.

Read all our 5 ★ Google reviews here.

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Presto is for you if...

1. Your current marketing efforts are providing inconsistent results.

2. You have an undefined marketing strategy.

3. You find marketing boring.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

We’ve written some answers to your most frequent questions below.