I'm David Sinclair-Black Managing Director Of Sinclair Media Group

Here's a my story on how I got into the music business, and built what is now one of the worlds number one marketing agencies for the music industry.
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It All Started In My Mums Basement

At just sixteen-years-old I was lucky enough to be given some unused equipment by my step-dad. I'd been musical my whole life, playing piano at 4, guitar at six, and drums at 11, but this was really the opportunity for me to do it. What I didn't realise, is how much it began to mean to me; I had a 'eureka moment' that this was going to be my life's work, and the rest became history.

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Take Off

These were incredibly foundational years for me. In 2017, I set up my first Beatstars account (shoutout to Beatstars), and made my first $40 sale within moments of opening my website. That small sale told me anything was possible, and drove me to grow my digital business as a music producer.


By 18-years-old I was making upwards of $6,000 per month through my brand DSBBeats, grew to 50,000 followers onine, signed a management deal with Dirty Money UK (MIST, Steel Banglez, MoStack), produced for Ayo & Teo, Lexy Panterra; collaborated with ATL Jacob, The Lab Cook, Ghostrage and Sonic. I moved into a central London apartment. Life was on the up n' up.

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Dark And Light

2019 was a rollercoaster year for me.


On one hand, I grew to levels I never had before, in April of 2019 I got to interview my hero, Grant Cardone, I got BBC coverage (as pictured below), and started a second business called Producer-Marketing.com. Along with a business partner, we helped over 80 producers each month better their business. We helped tens of producers around the world become full-time in their passion.


But being DSBBeats was overwhelming. I fell into a deep depressive slump and deleted the accounts. I quit music. I was tired. Burned out. And wanted a fresh chance at life.


I humbled myself; moved back to my Mum's, and started over. This was one of those big life lessons, I wouldn't change it for anything because of who it made me today.


Sinclair Media Group was incorporated on the 30th of December, 2019. Just four months after DSBBeats died, in August.
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2020 And 2021 – A New Start

With my tail tucked between my legs and a new business to build, I was back where I started just three and a half years later. I spent a lot of time during 2020 feeling sorry for myself, fawning for the past and feeling inferior. It was only really until things started to take off with SMG in late 2020 that I started to build momentum again.

I also got into my first (proper) relationship. Paige has served to be quite an asset, especially as somebody who had spent the majority of their late teens in isolation with a computer.
By the time 2021 turned around, I had my most successful year ever: business, mental and physical health, relationships–I even hired my first employee, Anthony.


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